Benefits of Exercise on Everyday Life by Suzan Guven

As a kid, I used to swim, windsurf and sail on the Aegean Sea all summer long. These gave me a feeling of being free, strong. As I grew older, I started exploring other sports and realized every time I was exercising, I felt more independent and powerful. Whether it is running a marathon, doing Pilates or playing tennis with friends, I can’t remember a time when I did not feel more self-confident, positive, and in charge of my own life. I’ve always thought that if I can do a sport well enough and be physically healthy, I can face any obstacle that may come up in life and be motivated for completing tasks. In other words, when I exercise, I feel good. But why?  

Physical activity helps the body to produce certain hormones and chemicals such as endorphins and serotonin which increase positive feelings in the body. That’s why they call it ‘runners high’ when we runners feel great about life and genuinely happy after completing a workout. In addition, serotonin produced during exercise helps our bodies with digestion and regulates sleep. That's not all: serotonin acts as a mood stabilizer, reducing stress and making us, again, happier!

Having a positive attitude towards life and feeling great about yourself are not the only benefits of exercising regularly. When you exercise for just an hour every day, you have to be organized and plan your day accordingly. For example, if you are a runner or a cyclist, you have to have an early morning workout routine to complete your workout before the traffic starts and the weather gets warmer. On an average day, you need to wake up at 5:30 so that you can be ready on the track or on the road at 06:00 AM. After you finish your workout by 07:00 AM, you need to take shower and get ready for school. By the time you get to school for your first class, you have an advantage over your friends because you have been up for three hours and have boosted yourself with endorphins and serotonin. You are ready to have an amazing day at school! You can be more focused while studying and perform better on exams. Moreover, statistics show that students who exercise regularly perform better on standardized tests! Therefore, when you exercise regularly, you get higher scores on SATs, ACTs and APs!

Having an organized life with a balanced workout routine has tremendous benefits on one’s life. Feeling joyful, being organized, performing better academically and having a less stressful life are only a few to mention. Moreover, when you exercise you become fitter and healthier. When you feel more positive and look healthier, you also gain self-confidence. Imagine, having your life more organized, feeling happier and getting higher grades in school just when you make a habit of exercising regularly! So start living a healthier life today and see what happens.