Working with student placements and boarding schools is all about finding the right fit based on student needs, abilities, and interests. A successful boarding school experience can change a student’s life forever in many positive ways. At the same time this is probably the most time-consuming challenge. It can be as easy as cruising the Web and identifying three to five schools right out of the gate. This is most likely to happen when you have decided that your child will attend one of the local day schools in your community.

But if you are thinking about boarding school, the choices multiply almost exponentially.There is a huge range of options in the world of boarding schools:  co-educational or single sex; large and small; hard core academics as well as those that offer challenge with learning support; military schools, and more. Extra-curricular options vary widely, too, as do school cultures.

How do you narrow the field in this instance?

By making a list of your requirements and systematically checking the boxes until you have a list of schools which match or come close to matching your specific requirements.

Many students from countries outside the United States want to attend American private schools. In fact, international students make up about 15% of the student population in American boarding schools according to The Association of Boarding Schools.  However, you need to be aware that not every private school is certified by the United States Immigration Service to accept foreign students.

I do recommend that you consider hiring an educational consultant to help you select schools for your short list. These professionals know their schools. While they will charge for their services, they will save you valuable time. They will also protect you and your child from the disappointment which results from setting your school choices unrealistically. If you hire an education consultant, listen the advice and recommendations.

Have your child “like” the schools on your list. Following their news and activities on Facebook will make her more comfortable when it comes time to visit schools.

Many schools have their own apps. Have your child download these to her I Pad so she can see what’s going on a regular basis.

Many schools have tours on YouTube. Encourage your child to watch these. This is also an activity which you can do together.
At Itir Aydin Oversaes Educational Consultancy, I work very closely with the family and admissions officers when working on boarding school admissions to identify potential schools that will be best matches for the student and get the student excited about the thought of being a part of those school communities.  I work together to complete the application file and provide assistance for the student’s personal statements.

Once the family hears about the school’s admissions decision, we discuss the final choice. Throughout the entire process, it is important that the families and consultant maintain frequent and open communication.

To have a comprehensible and trustworthy application process get in contact with Itir Aydin Higher Education Consultancy.

PLEASE NOTE:  Itir Aydin Higher Education Consultancy Is NOT paid agent of any independent or private boarding school. It adheres to a strict code of ethics and only accept payment from the clients — students and their families seeking recommendations based on identified educational needs.

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