What do you do, exactly? 

With essay advising through Itir Aydin Higher Education Consultancy, you’ll receive not just individualized help with your college essays, but strategies, guidance, and one-on-one motivation to help you create the best college essay possible. As we move from brainstorming and concept development to why a semi-colon needs to replace that period, you’ll discover aspects of yourself that every college wants to see.

This is going to be boring, though. Right?

While the very utterance of the phrase, “college admissions essay” causes most students to melt into themselves, it doesn’t have to. During our first session together, we’ll drink coffee, watch some YouTube clips and get to know one another in a stress-free, informal meeting. It’s during this first session that we’ll dig into what makes you the unique individual you are. The number one phrase I hear when meeting students is, “…but I don’t have anything to write about. My life is boring.” What I’ve discovered is that even the most interesting individuals I have met in my life, those who have gone swimming with electric eels and wrestled professionally on television, think the same thing about themselves! It’s not about what story you tell, but the framework from which you tell it.

What do we do from there? 

During sessions 2-4, we’ll review each draft of your essay focusing our attention on voice (do I sound like me?), tone (do I sound like someone you want to meet?), and diction/grammar/usage (do I sound like I’m ready for college-level English?)

While it’s your job to write the essay outside of our meetings, I am here to inspire, motivate, and workshop your essay with you.

By the end of our four 90-minute sessions you will:

– Have chosen a topic that’s perfect for you.
– Have created multiple drafts to perfect your story.
– Feel confident in how you’ve expressed yourself.
– Have discovered a new understanding of the writing process.

How many appointments will I need? 

While four 90-minute sessions is the average amount of time it takes to finish a 650-word personal statement, every student is unique in their writing ability. Some students have completed a personal statement over the course of three sessions, while it has taken up to five sessions for another student to accomplish the same feat. Once again, every student is different.

What about supplementary essays?

Once you’ve completed a personal statement, I’d love to help advise you with those tricky questions like “What makes you a perfect fit for Amazing University?” or “Tell us why you want to go to Top Choice College.” Because these essays tend to be shorter in word count (150-250 words,) we can typically workshop and edit 2-3 of these in one 90 minutes session.

What about the essays for studying in the UK or outside the US? Isn’t that a different essay?

It is. In addition to guiding students with the Common Application personal statement, I also work with students to craft their Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) and international school essays. Once again, this essay typically requires four 90-minute sessions.

Finally, you have an amazing, inspiring, and entirely unique story to tell! Let’s discover it together.

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