Organizational Skills

During the application process my students come up with questions or comments as:
‘Why do I get low scores at my tests even though I study hard the night before?”
“When I open my binder I can’t decide what I should study first .”
“I always do my projects and assignments but forget them at home.”
“My room is so boring I don’t  want to study there …”
“I don’t have enough time for my tests, reviewing vocabulary and doing school assignments…”
‘My parents always remind me to do things and I don’t want this pressure!”
Itir Aydin Higher Education Consultancy evaluates each student’s needs and offers a special plan of action. This plan and evaluation help them to understand the importance of organizational skills. Our students learn where they shouldstart studying first and how much time they need for this. We help them to organize their learning environment at home.Light,noise,space and even the fresh air in the room affect student’s learning pace.Our learning style and career evaluation are the keys for our students.

Itir Aydin Higher Education Consultancy approaches each student’s unique needs and goals with an intense care. Our mission is to help students balance their academic and social life by making this application process an enjoyable one from the beginning until the end.